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Opinion for CGI Group (A) (GIB.A-T)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

(A Top Pick Sept 13/16. Up 4%.) Was surprised this has not done better. She still likes the stock. A great growth name. They don’t pay a dividend, so are definitely interested in growing their business and reinvesting in the business, outsourcing and integration. Outsourcing is on long-term contracts which has more stable cash flow streams. Every few years, this tends to do a large acquisition to increase their geographic scope or their vertical they want to increase their presence. They are ready to do another acquisition, but haven’t been able to find anything that fits their financial discipline, so have been making a lot of smaller tuck in acquisitions. They are seeing good pickup in organic growth, particularly with the whole issues of Cyber Security and automating processes to compete with new technologies. Cyber Security is going to be an ongoing trend.

Christine Poole
CEO & Managing Director, GlobeInvest Capital Management

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