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Opinion for Apple (AAPL-Q)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

Today is the launch of their new Iphone. It is possible there is a two-tiered approach happening. It is a very high price for a new phone, the A8+, and the X, which is new. If you set the price point of X at a higher level, there are a couple of things that can happen by splitting that market and fitting it into 2 pools. There is the classic trade of selling Apple once it reaches the product launch. How do they defend the new product. Maybe they are coming up with a strategy where this is early technology with augmented reality. If they can produce the X version at a very high price point by demonstrating the power of the technologies that they have, but ultimately they are probably going to work out a few kinks, needing more powerful processors to get it humming. They can then get that into a mass model, maybe at a later stage. If they can just show any number of different commercial applications, there is a big addressable market. If they can show that it may maintain the multiple, get the product launched at a more reasonable price point, it is possible they can skate along a pretty thin line.

Cameron Hurst
Chief Investment Officer, Equium Capital Management

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