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General Comment by Alex Ruus

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Market. We are in a kind of Goldilocks environment in that there is slow economic growth. The one problem is that central banks are inclined to be raising rates. It has been a while since we have had a correction, and that could be the catalyst for our first 5% correction for some time. The US and Chinese economies are growing probably as strong as they have for a year or 2. That gives central banks the ability to start to slowly taper back to a tighter monetary policy. There are certain areas of the market that are being left behind because of the craze over ETF’s that are flooding their market into a smaller and smaller cadre of really big large cap companies that are leading the market. There is a lot of stuff getting left behind, and there is a lot of value there. It shows up in terms of takeover activity.

Alex Ruus
Portfolio Manager, Arrow Capital Management

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