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Opinion for Flyht Aerospace Solutions (FLY-X)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

Recently announced they are going to consolidate the stock, which typically means they are optimistic about the future. This revolves around 2 things. They have black box flight recorders operated through a satellite system as to where the plane is, so it is always on and always available. There is a new 2020 change in legislation that basically says that if there is an airplane in distress,  you have to know where that airplane is and be able to receive a signal at least once a minute. This is the only company globally that has the capability to do that. Their device is installed in about half of the Airbus A320 planes. They have an installed base of 1000 units in those planes, and are going back to the owners of those planes, explaining they can get huge benefits from efficiencies of reduced fuel consumption, maintenance, etc. The boxes are in about a 3rd of the Chinese fleet, which has a mandate that by 2017 they have to know where a plane is. Theoretically this has the potential to double the size of their active base by signing one of these Chinese companies in the next couple of years. There should be progress by the end of this year.

Robert McWhirter
President, Selective Asset Management

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July 14th 2017 at 7:57pm

I believe we go up from here. The last time Bob was this positive, in 2013, he bought in and got a three-bagger in less than a year. Bobby clearly knows this stock well!

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