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Opinion for Bewhere Holdings Inc (BEW-X)

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They have an interesting technology.  It is Bluetooth.  It is low power.  They signed a deal with Bell to resell their devices which link to a cell tower and keep track of almost anything.  They are about to announce a contract with a company that is rumored to be Brinks, to track everything they handle.  He thinks it will be cash flow positive this year.

Bruce Campbell (2)
President & Portfolio Manager, Stone Castle Investment Management Inc.

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June 23rd 2017 at 7:06am

Bluetooth itseLf is only capable of short range communications. Devices using bluetooth can have batteries which last years, but they still require linking to a gateway device that enables cellular network communication.

This company is one of many in a relatively new field with a lot of players and there is no agreed upon communications standard for this technology.

Do your own investigation and don't buy on rumour.

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