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Opinion for Bombardier Inc (B) (BBD.B-T)

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Something he would never have touched in the 1st place. It is weak competitively. They’ve not had a fresh order for their C series aircraft in over a year. Very highly leverage with about $10 billion of debt on the balance sheet, and only about $1 billion of EBITDA to support that. $2 is a pretty important support level. If that holds, it might be okay, but if it cracks it doesn’t look like there is much support all the way down to $1.60.

Brian Madden
Senior VP & Portfolio Manager, Goodreid Investment Council

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BNN advisor sceptic

June 22nd 2017 at 1:35pm

Madden has no idea what he is talking about as BBD.B us about to take a leap
as their C-series planes are ready to be sold and fuel prices will rise and so will demand for the excellent and superior to all existing planes C-series
planes. Dear readers do not listen to Brian Madden, he should not try to make such drastic comments and wrong recommendations. BBD.B will soon be over $ 2.50/share

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