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Opinion for Qualcomm (QCOM-Q)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

In a scrap with Apple (AAPL-Q), which they go through every 3 years. If not Apple, it’s Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, etc. They have tremendous cash and a balance sheet to support whatever the outcome may be. Trading at 11X earnings and a near 4% dividend yield. They’ll benefit from cash repatriation if Trump is able to pass through his tax reform. There are also 2 other stimuli. 1.) You are about to begin a five-year upgrade cycle by the wireless carriers, which this company will be a beneficiary from. 2.) They bought NXP Semiconductors, which gives them foray into the car market, as well as the chip that is embedded in your credit card.

John Petrides
Managing Dir. & Portfolio Manager, Point View Wealth Management

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