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Opinion for Apple (AAPL-Q)

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He still likes this despite its run up. It has a 4% position in the S&P 500 and is up 25%, and probably a 15% position in the NASDAQ. Has been a major driver of indices and performance year-to-date. The story is still attractive. You are getting the 10th anniversary of the iPhone in September, which should be a blockbuster product. By this time next year, with the new iPhone coming out, it has very low hurdle rates to jump over. Also, starting to ramp up their services business, which is very important for future growth. If and when Trump and the Republicans are able to pass through tax reform, this company has $250 billion of cash, whereby 95% of that is sitting overseas. If they were able to repatriate that cash and give it to shareholders, that would be a good thing.

John Petrides
Managing Dir. & Portfolio Manager, Point View Wealth Management

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