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General Comment by John Petrides

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Market. Volatility is what most investors are wrestling with now. Volatility was at all-time lows for some time, and investors felt there was complacency in the market. We really only had one piece of Trump news this week. His pro-growth policies fell off the table for a couple of hours, and the market sold off pretty aggressively. Investors used that window as a buying opportunity, and there has been a come back in trading. 70% of companies have reported their results for the last trading period. Analysts were looking for a 9% earnings growth, which would have been the best since late 2011. However, it is not just looking at what stocks have done, it is what you are buying at today’s prices that you are getting from earnings. If expectations were for 9% earnings growth, if achieved, that would be the best since Q4 2011, and we are already surpassing that. That means that when looking at PE valuations, the earnings (E) part of the equation is understated, which means valuations are more attractive than what many are suggesting. With wage growth at about 2.5%, and the unemployment situation being fine, low volatility in the stock market, the Fed has to just be ecstatic with where things are right now.

John Petrides
Managing Dir. & Portfolio Manager, Point View Wealth Management

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