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Opinion for Bank of America (BAC-N)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

He looks for sectors/themes that are going through significant shifts that can give a long runway for the industry and companies to be revalued. The 2nd biggest bank in the US, trading at just under 1X BV, and can go higher. Assuming they can grow BV, that would be even better. It will be helped by rising interest rates. They will get the CCAR assessment in June as to whether they can return more capital to shareholders. Generating a ton of cash, so dividends should continue to accelerate. US banks started to perform in June of last year and have just had a classic pullback towards the 150-day moving average, which gives investors a great entry point. This could be a 5-year theme. Dividend yield of 1.3%. (Analysts’ price target is $26.)

David Burrows
President & Chief Investment Strategist, Barometer Capital Management

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