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Opinion for Cominar Real Estate Inv Tr (CUF.UN-T)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

Feels the 3 top picks have probably lagged the market unfairly. He sees an improving Québec economy, and this is the largest landlord in Québec. Management has gone through some decisions over the last 2 years that were not great, when they tried to grow too aggressively. However, they have said they are done and are now focusing internally on the company. Payout ratio is a little high, but there is some visibility in the future leases that are signed but not yet economically contributing to the income statement. If you have a 3-year hold, buying in the $14 range is going to give you a very solid yield, and it will skate through over the next couple of years. Dividend yield of 10%. (Analysts’ price target is $15.)

Derek Warren
Asst Vice President, Lincluden Investment Mgmnt

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