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Opinion for High Liner Foods (HLF-T)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

A well-managed company. It is unique, but over the last few years seafood sales in the US have struggled. It seems that when the US$ goes up, the price of seafood goes up also. Consumption per capita doesn’t seem to be going up in the US on seafood, even though it is healthier. Thinks it is going to tread water for a while. Not expensive, but quite volatile. You may want to buy when it has a bad quarter.

Stephen Takacsy, B. Eng, MBA
Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Mgr, Lester Asset Management

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March 23rd 2017 at 8:26am

The high retail cost of seafood is a barrier for many people. Lean pork and chicken and ground meats are much cheaper. And there will always be a struggle to sustain wild caught products - HLF has no control over this and can only be a cheerleader for sustainable fisheries.

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