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Opinion for Teck Resources Ltd. (B) (TECK.B-T)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

This was the star of 2016, but has softened as met coal prices retreat from $300 to $150 a ton. What is not being factored in is that zinc prices continue to hit close to 5 year highs. Copper prices have fallen in the last little while, but are much higher than they were a year ago. It is generating incredible amounts of cash flow. Debt went down by $1 billion in Q4, and will probably do the same in Q1 of this year. At this price, you get upside optionality. You’ve got a much cleaner, better, safer company in which to invest. He bought more at under $28.

Lyle Stein
Sr. Portfolio & Managing Director, Vestcap Investment Management

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