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Opinion for Washington Federal (WAFD-Q)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

A regional bank in 8 states with 240 branches. They almost doubled their size a number of years ago when they bought a group of Bank of America’s (BAC-N) branches. Regional banks are going to benefit dramatically from easing of regulations. Regulation has been a really big, big problem for financial institutions. The big banks get all the air time, but the small banks, on the basis of dollars spent, are spending a ton of money trying to satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements, and a lot of that is going to go away. That will go straight to the bottom line. Also, loan growth will be a lot healthier in an improving economy and an increasingly steep yield curve, which will increase net interest margins, allowing them to make money on the interest spread. Dividend yield of 1.8%. (Analysts’ price target is $34.)

Gordon Reid
President, GoodReid Investment Counsel

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