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General Comment by Zachary Curry

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Market. We are starting to see a global recovery, although the US market is still in the lead. He is waiting for more certainty on policy to be introduced by the new administration to back that up. NAFTA will be a year or 2 out, and certain sectors will benefit and others might not. That uncertainty tends to gyrate up or down, and we haven’t seen that. There have been over 100 sessions of the S&P 500 where it hasn’t dropped more than 1%, very unusual given the uncertainty. You need to be a little reserved when investing, to take into account factors that are not necessarily being factored in now. Globally, certainly in developed countries, equity markets are over valued in certain sectors. There is caution warranted, but not overly extensive. A bit of a “wait and see” game.

Zachary Curry
Chief Operating Officer & Portfolio Manager, Davis-Rea Ltd.

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