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Opinion for Tourmaline Oil Corp (TOU-T)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

(A Top Pick Sept 12/16. Down 16.96%.) He still likes this, although he doesn’t know if he would be buying it just yet. We have had a very warm winter, the 2nd one in a row, that has really put a negative sentiment into natural gas. However, the positive thing is that the inventory levels are 10% below where we were at this time last year, and we are sitting right around the 5-year average. Demand has been picking up significantly, both from US industrial users and exports.

Craig Porter
Senior Portfolio Manager, LOGiQ Asset Management

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March 28th 2017 at 2:10pm

I just compared Morningstar's ratings of TOU and BNP. Will be the last time I take a Morningstar rating seriously. BNP gets 2 stars and TOU gets one. How incredibly stupid. BMO Investorline needs to find a more credible rating partner that knows what the "H" they are doing. I would be pleased to get a differing opinion on this outlook.

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