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Opinion for Toronto Dominion (TD-T)

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Canadian Banks? They’ve had a very good 2016, but remember that 2015 was a negative year for banks. They were down about 11% on average because of concerns on energy, housing crisis, etc. Earnings were revised upwards and multiple expansions back to historical averages. She still likes them, because she is constructive on the Canadian and US economy. Her long-time favourites have been Royal Bank (RY-T) and Toronto Dominion (TD-T), and also owns Bank of Montréal (BMO-T). TD and Royal have exposure to the US with TD at about 25%-30%, and Royal at 22%. Thinks Royal’s is going to increase as they are now integrating City National. These both are trading at reasonable valuations.

Christine Poole
CEO & Managing Director, GlobeInvest Capital Management

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