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Opinion for Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY-N)

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The pharma group went out of favour 3-4 months ago. That became a source of funds for people to rotate into other industries. We are now heading into year-end, with a market where buying is broadening out into more and more sectors. The healthcare sector seems to be catching a little bit of a bid, it is improving. He would describe the sector as being “neutral, to a little better”. Within the sector, this company has had some disappointment recently. He would prefer something like a Merck (MRK-N), which sets up better, and has a broad-based portfolio of products.

David Burrows
President & Chief Investment Strategist, Barometer Capital Management

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December 13th 2016 at 8:55pm

What might be worth looking at is TEVA-N. It has been beaten up big time

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