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Opinion for Tourmaline Oil Corp (TOU-T)

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One of the premier natural gas producers. They have an excellent cost structure and a pretty good balance sheet. Recently did a pretty big acquisition from Shell. His issue is that the company is bumping up against 200,000 barrels a day. If you pick a decline rate, which he would imagine would be close to 40%, the company basically has to replace 80,000 barrels every year, either organically or through acquisitions. That becomes harder and harder for a company this size.

Mason Granger
Portfolio Manager, Sentry Investments

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December 11th 2016 at 5:16pm

"He wants to own companies that have institutional following and access to capital markets and could do smart acquisitions at the bottom of the cycle." Does this sound familiar Mason? It sounds like you are describing TOU but no, you recommend selling TOU. Do you own TOU??? You recommend and own Baytex and are watching Bonivista as a potential buy and TOU is a sell. Your reasoning doesn't even make sense. I tape all Market Calls and will be deleting your visits. I do not own TOU, but after my recent research will be buying it....NOT SELLING IT.

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