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General Comment by Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

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OPEC. There’s going to be a deal, but the deal is going to be to freeze production, not cut production. The history of OPEC is that they always cheat, and there is basically no chance in his mind, that even if they agree to a ceiling at 33 million barrels, that they adhere to it. It is all about demand, so is global demand in a slowing world going to increase? OECD has said that the world is going to grow a little bit better because we are no longer austerity driven, but we are driven by spending. The GDP formula is GDP=C+1+G(X-M). When the government borrows and spends like they expect to on infrastructure, mathematically GDP is going to go up, but here’s the thing with the consumer (C). His average client is probably around 60 years old, and their financial plan indicates their money is going to last 30 to 35 years. It doesn’t matter how low interest rates get or how much the government is going to spend, aggregate demand (G) is not going up, as people are living longer. This demographic headwind that we are facing is going to be really toxic for growth for the next decade and decades to come. Increasing government spending is only going to add on to the debt. That is another massive headwind. We have some very difficult economic challenges going forward.

Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA
Chief Investment Officer, Partner, ETF Capital Management Inc.

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