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Opinion for Genworth Financial Inc (GNW-N)

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Mortgage insurer. This has traded at a low valuation multiple, and there have been concerns around the business for the last number of years, as people are worried about the Canadian housing market getting overheated and a possible correction. New mortgage regulations will curb business to some degree, and lead to a situation where maybe the quality of their customers are going to be higher, but with less people qualifying, giving potentially lower earnings. He would not be a buyer at this time as there are too many uncertainties as to how the new regulations are going to impact the mortgage insurance market, and more broadly what is going to happen to the Canadian housing market. Dividend yield of 5.8%.

Colin Stewart
CEO & Portfolio manager, JC Clark Investments Ltd.

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October 25th 2016 at 5:52pm

I think he is referring to MIC-T, the Canadian arm of Genworth.

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