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Educational Segment

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2016-03-28 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

He cares most about business risk to the banking sector overall.  See his educational segment today.  The banks had a great run from January, but he does not like owning banks generally.  He does not like TD-T here and is underweight financials as a source of dividends in his dividend fund.  He did hold it earlier in the year for a while.

2012-11-19 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment.  What is your favorite indicator.  He has no one favourite indicator that makes it easy for everyone.  There are lots of them.  Some work 50% of the time and others work the other 50% of the time.  You have trend, momentum, seasonal and cycles, breath, sentiment, chart patterns and volume indicators.  He likes to take one from each area; MC Oscillator is one he likes.  It looks at breadth of market – those going up vs those going down and looks at momentum.  It always lines up with market bottoms and turning points.  It says the market is so oversold that the potential for a turn is indicated.  It does not say how far or how long the market will go up.

2014-06-02 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment.  Alternative ETF investments (smart indexing).  RBC launched equity based ETFs this year.  Focus on dividend leaders.  Looks at long term financial risk of companies.  Screens out value traps.  Does not look at just dividend metrics.  You want to make sure short interest is low to judge long term strength. 

2013-02-11 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment.  Trends in ETFs.  The big buzz is the move into active ETFs.  About 4% at present.  Active means it is not based on an index.  Horizons in Canada (alpha series) is the biggest.  An example is one based on seasonality (HAC-T or HAG-T).  You have to look at them carefully.  You have to know the manager with these types of ETFs.  They are expecting more ETFs to shut down than are launched this year because they aren’t successful. 

2013-02-25 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment.  There are a couple of different ways to trade.  You can get out or change your risk profile and still be in the market.  ZEB-T shows how much the sector correction is (10%).  Look at the preferreds.  ETFs can play them.  You get a lot of financials in the basket.  The yield is a little higher.  If you look at the ETF vs. the preferreds.  The ETF has done better.

2013-04-01 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment.  Are Markets Healthy.  He looks at a series of charts:

Advance Decline Line broke out a couple of months ago making higher highs, good. 

Percent of stocks making 52 week highs – a spike a couple of months ago and now fewer and fewer stocks are participating in the markets making new highs, bad.

Percentage companies above trend line (50 and 200 day) – Higher reading couple of months ago but now lower – looking ok right now but some weakness, neutral.

Call to Put ratio, neutral.

Sentiment readings, (bull vs. bear), neutral.

Summary: Ultimately there is a lot of confusion on the part of investors.

2012-12-24 Don Vialoux

Educational Segment. Small Caps.  Seasonal period is December 19 until March 7 each year (26 of 33 years).  Tax loss selling is out of the way, institutional investors hold the highest quality securities at the end of year and then at the beginning of the year they tend to take on more risk.  IWM-US is the most actively traded ETF for the Russel 2000.  XCS-T is the non-top-60 companies in Canada.  The fiscal cliff and the post-US-Election does not change this investment thesis.

2013-02-04 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment. Managing your own money better.  Most people are interested in how to manage an income portfolio, e.g.:



















Avg. Yield: 4.20%, Std.Dev. 7.25%. 

Above would be equally weighted with dividend portfolio, e.g.:



















Avg. Yield: 4.20%, Std.Dev. 7.25%. 

The different bond ETFs have different volatilities.  The reward people can get is defined by the risk they can take. 

You can shift between bonds and equities without making a significant change in the yield.  You have to re-balance your portfolio from time to time.

2013-01-07 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment. Investor Advocacy.  In the end it is the client with the money that doesn’t get a fair end of the shake by the industry.  There is not good disclosure about fees charged.  Investors need to understand changes taking place.  Advisors don’t have a fiduciary responsibility to the client to show performance. 

2013-03-25 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment. Tracking European Sentiment through an ETF.  EUFN allows following the market sentiment.  The European financial sector made highs in 2010/2011 but US XLF-N just recently took out highs and made higher highs.  The trend line of the last 6-8 months has broken, though.  Europe is starting to break down here, lead by the financials and that is problematic.  Watch this closely.  If Europe is going to be healthy then European banks need to be healthy. 

2013-08-19 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment. Chart of global equity index and fixed income index.  Stocks were at the top of the channel, during May, 2013.  We got some correction but now they bounced back.  Stocks are expensive relative to bonds.  Looking at the last 4 tops, the corrections were sometimes significant and sometimes not.  Keep some powder dry but don’t sell everything, or move all to fixed income.

2013-03-18 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment. Behavioral Finance.  People make investment decisions emotionally rather than rationally and that can be problematic.  How you think about pulling the trigger on buy and sell decisions has a lot to do with your outcome.  Let’s say you buy a great stock you saw talked about on TV for $53 and a couple of weeks later a scathing report comes out by a bear guy and the stock is now trading at $40.  Then a guy comes out on TV and says it's going to $15 but another says it will return to the 52 week highs.  Do you double up? Do you put a stop loss in?  Do you wait a week and call in to this show?  Only the stop loss is a rational choice.  You have to have a plan. 

2013-04-29 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment.  Is it time to sell-in-May-and-go-away?  Year to date chart on the Dow.  It crossed it’s 50 day average to start the year.  It has been straight up generally but now we have a pause.  Next chart has 7 Dow stocks and some have started to break down.  IBM had a major break down recently.  3M – lower lows and lower highs.  GE is starting to roll over now.  At a market peak, the stocks start to roll over one by one.  There’s lots of other signals, but this has been going into play for a couple of months.  We are starting to see more and more of a decay.  Go away, but where are we going down to?  He is looking for a relatively minor correction – 5-10%.  If the trend line from 2009 breaks then it will be different and we get a more significant correction.

2013-01-21 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment.  There is a push for transparency on fees.  ETFs are great that way.  Nobody works for free.  Front end load says you pay the fee upfront when buying a fund.  A deferred sales charge charges the client when they get out.  ‘F’ class is where the fee is charged outside of the funds.  

2013-03-04 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment.  Look at gold price as a percentage compared to gold mining equities over the last 7 years.  Equities are flat while gold has gone up 200-300%.  The costs of production are going up at a significant clip.  When they find new reserves, the quality of the reserves are declining.  They are going after gold dust.  The gold industry needs something like Fracking.  Or it could be more disciplined in capital spending.  A lot of cost inflation in gold mining is related to oil prices.  All the central banks have been buying but gold has not broken out.

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