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Educational Segment

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2012-12-24 Don Vialoux

Educational Segment. Small Caps.  Seasonal period is December 19 until March 7 each year (26 of 33 years).  Tax loss selling is out of the way, institutional investors hold the highest quality securities at the end of year and then at the beginning of the year they tend to take on more risk.  IWM-US is the most actively traded ETF for the Russel 2000.  XCS-T is the non-top-60 companies in Canada.  The fiscal cliff and the post-US-Election does not change this investment thesis.

2012-12-10 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment.  Employment Situation.  In Canada we got a monster Canadian job number last month.  He thinks there is something wrong with the data series because it doesn’t swing that much, so he doesn’t trust current employment numbers.  In the US we know there is a big problem.  1in 6.5 people are on food stamps.  How is that economy booming?  Corporate margins are the best they have ever been because they are laying people off.  From 1940 there is growth in the labour force but in the last decade it has leveled off.  Forget them kicking the can down the road on the fiscal cliff.  They have to make a lot of reforms and they are not making the hard choices for the next decade.  Markets will go up and down.  P/Es on dividend stocks are going way up and that is not sustainable.  You have to be an active trader. 

2012-12-03 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment.  Brokers and Advisors having Fiduciary Relationship.  Vast majority of advisors and brokers are not a portfolio manager and so do not. Portfolio managers have discretion over portfolios.  Advisors have an obligation to their employer.  If they sell something they don’t get paid.  However, there is value in an advisor getting clients to put money into a mutual find instead of spending it.  Debt levels are growing and growing in Canada because kids coming out of school are not taught even how to balance a cheque book. 

2012-11-26 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment. PRICE of GOLD.  If you take the 4 biggest country balance sheets and compare to their GDP, it is about 36%.  Historically that has been about 15%.  Central banks need a certain amount on their books to control the money supply.  They are creating money and taking the bonds from the system to expand their balance sheet.  With the commitments they have made, the percentage of GDP will rise to about 50%.  They will do this for years and years until we get out of this economic malaise.  Recently, we broke out of a triangle pattern in the price of gold.  Take the height of the consolidation and add it to the break-out point.  He thinks $2050 would be the target for gold by end of 2013 if central banks do what they say.  There will be 30% annualized volatility in Gold over the next few years.  But Gold will generally keep going higher and higher in general.

2012-11-19 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment.  What is your favorite indicator.  He has no one favourite indicator that makes it easy for everyone.  There are lots of them.  Some work 50% of the time and others work the other 50% of the time.  You have trend, momentum, seasonal and cycles, breath, sentiment, chart patterns and volume indicators.  He likes to take one from each area; MC Oscillator is one he likes.  It looks at breadth of market – those going up vs those going down and looks at momentum.  It always lines up with market bottoms and turning points.  It says the market is so oversold that the potential for a turn is indicated.  It does not say how far or how long the market will go up.

2012-11-05 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment: Covered Call Strategy. He is very bullish on covered calls. You have to focus on time decay, volatility (Vix Indicators), do the timing. His guest talked about her approach. Sweet spot is from 3 to zero months because you loose 60% of the premium in that time (25-45days). Do it several times per year. REIT focus Canadian and US. e.g. IYR-N

2012-10-22 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment. Inflation. They have changed the way they calculated it. Once in the 80s and again in the 90s. Tires today last longer than they did decades ago so the fact that they went up in price does not indicate an actual inflation rate. Inflation is 5.5% using the pre-1990 method but is 2% using today's method. US GDP would have gone way down using the old way of calculating inflation but using today's method it has gone up.

2012-10-15 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment. S&P closed last week at a very key trend-line. Last year coming off the lows in October, market came up and held the trend-line for a couple of weeks, broke inter-week and closed above. Trend-lines are interesting because you get an opportunity to put in a trade with a fairly tight stop. Thinks the market grinds higher into the end of the year even though expectations for earnings are lower. If we close back below 1420 then we start to get nervous.

2012-09-24 Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Educational Segment: Canadian Retail Investor Sentiment: The cycle of market emotions. You can participate in the sentiment survey and education videos. There are no really good surveys for the Canadian investor. Only those that participate can see the results. He wants you to become a member of the site. Has a few hundred so far and wants a few thousand across Canada.

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