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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Wavefront Energy & Environment Services WEE-X
Waverider WAVR-Q2 Competitor = Wi-land
Weatherford International Inc. WFT-N
WebMD Corp WBMD-Q (Dead)

Acquired by Internet Active Sept 2017.

Webster Financial Corp. WBS-N
WebTech Wireless Inc. WEW-T (Dead)

Uses GPS positioning devices

Merged with BSM Wireless (Oct 2015)

WeedMD Inc WMD-X
Weight Watchers Int'l Inc WTW-N
Welbilt WBT-N
Wellchoice Inc WC-N
Wellco Energy Services WLL.UN-T
Wellgreen Platinum Corp. WG-T

Formerly Prophecy Platinum

Wells Fargo WFC-N
Wendy's WEN-Q
Wenzel Downhole Tools WZL-T (Dead)

Gone private (Aug 2013)

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